The biggest rainforest on earth is still burning and is being diminished rapidly. This is an environmental disaster of global proportions. The Amazon rainforest is called “the lungs of the planet”. It is cleaning the air from pollution by inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. The rainforest is burning due to the dry season and …

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    We are now launching an Up-cycle Collection with a crisp and fresh feeling for summer 2019 Re-use of textile is one of the aspects that we want to bring forward and encourage people to take care of their garments. If it can’t be repaired, it can go through a metamorphosis and become something else. It …

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    Read about how we created the Eco print dress! Using fresh flower petals is a very sustainable way to print and the result is beautiful. Natural coloring is absolutely ideal to use since it doesn’t take any excessive energy or water and there is no chemicals in the process. That is what we are all about! …

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  • ORES FOUNDATION- Creative and sustainable

    Read about the foundation of ORES The way we think, our values and how we make our choices as a company. Already in the idea phase the plan was to build a solid foundation that we can create and grow with. In the beginning of 2018 ORES was under construction by me, Lisa Thörnqvist I …

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  • Habit article -ORES close to the nature and long-term consciousness

    Here is the translated article and link to the actual Swedish article in Habit magazine https://www.habit.se/article/view/647986/naturnara_och_langsiktigt?fbclid=IwAR1QsfuiN1kG2d6ontF4WosJ4GveiOhXqLg15VW0MQtBJmahxAmz8IyQBQI article in Habit magazine February 22, 2019 10:37 | By Pernilla Hansson Close to the NATURE and LONG- TERM consciousness Meet Lisa Thörnqvist who carefully chooses ecological and nature-related material in a finely tuned palette for her newly started brand …

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    We like to thank everyone involved in planning ORES event last week at Fashion Week Stockholm! We had a great team of Hair led by http://miahogfeldt.se/and make up stylists  led by http://www.saraeriksson.nu/ Take a look at the intense blue eyes and the perfect sleek hair with sharp waves and pony tail! The models are from http://stockholmsgruppen.com/ and https://mikas.se/ …

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    ORES presented a fashion show at Fashion Week Sthlm 6th February at Restaurant Hillenberg The Collection “Extreme weather” represents change to come, minimalism and conscious choices It starts with thunder and a dark color scheme, then gradually lightens up to lighter tones. From the dark reports we get about the global heating, and gradually the light …

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  • Care Campaign- We care!

    From end of November to 16 th December, we have a Care Campaign. We want our customers to get to know us better. Maybe you already know that we care, but we like to tell more about how and the way we develop our collections. We will post photos with informative text on Instagram and …

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  • Early Winter Fashion Co-Lab

    Early Winter Fashion Co-Lab

    Thanks everyone for a lovely after work last week! We hosted the event together with 4 other female entrepreneurs; Bukvy, Orion rebl, We Two Stockholm and Caro A lot of people attended to see and meet the 5 brands.

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