ORES Story

ORES is Swedish fashion brand focusing on high quality, sustainable textile from nature.

The philosophy is to create beautiful design in a sustainable way. To be mindful of the environment, as well as being socially responsible, all the way.

The name ORES refers to the iron ores in Sweden, which is a very important natural resource. The brand has the same inherent weight, roughness and simplicity, and refines natural material. It is also an acronym for;

`One – Responsible – Ethical – Society´

ORES was launched in August 2018 and the designer behind the brand is Lisa Thörnqvist. She has a long background in textile, product development and production. She also has a passion for environmental issues and a clean and sustainable lifestyle.

When creating the collections, we start from scratch with the fibers, developing exclusive compositions. We stand out with the extraordinary softness, texture and luster in the fabric.

We takes conscious and sustainable decisions, all the way, using organic, eco-friendly material and mindfully choosing suppliers and methods. We minimize harmful treatments and chemicals in the manufacturing process.

The design aesthetics is cool, clean and effortless with an exclusive touch. The long-lasting style and good quality, makes the wardrobe sustainable.

Our mission is to build an exciting fashion brand and to constantly work for progress in the industry and for the environment. We want to spread an awareness and contribute to a more sustainable society.


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