ORES Spring 2020 Collection “No Trace”


ORES spring/ summer 2020 collection ”No Trace” leaves no negative traces on the environment.
It is the next step in our constant aim for progress and being even more beautiful, useful and sustainable.
We use natural, un-dyed and un-processed textile without chemicals and with exclusive texture and high quality.







Summer 2019

A small capsule collection is launched end of May, with an urban and crisp summer vibe.

Re-use of textile is one of the aspects that ORES want to bring forward and encourage people to take care of their garments.
If it can’t be repaired, it can go through a metamorphosis and become something else.
This is a unique and well-made collection from disassembled garments, making new and fresh design and closing the circle.
Mostly men’s shirts in good quality has been transformed.
The Upcycle Collection has the ORES design touch and it is made in single edition in ORES Stockholm atelier.

Spring/Summer -19

A warm but dark feeling is spreading in color palette, like a melancholic summer night.
Relaxed and exclusive as the essence of all ORES design
For the warmer season, we have developed lighter and breathable qualities
There is a range of exciting, consious techniques throughout the collection
Eg. all buttons are eco- friendly, made from natural origin such as wood and horn.
eco friendly stripe print on cotton/silk and the fair trade project with the eco-print dress

Autumn/ Winter- 18-19

The rst collection from ORES is called Rain.
The climate change is on our minds. Their will be some heavy rain as a consequence of the global
heating. But the rain also comes with a change of weather and a fresh start. In the collection, light
and darkness meet to create both contrast and balance. There is a combination of texture that
makes each garment come alive. Soft meets rough in lustrous surfaces.

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