Spring/Summer -19

A warm but dark feeling is spreading in color palette, like a melancholic summer night.
Relaxed and exclusive as the essence of all ORES design
For the warmer season, we have developed lighter and breathable qualities
There is a range of exciting, consious techniques throughout the collection
Eg. all buttons are eco- friendly, made from natural origin such as wood and horn.
eco friendly stripe print on cotton/silk and the fair trade project with the eco-print dress

Autumn/ Winter- 18-19

The rst collection from ORES is called Rain.
The climate change is on our minds. Their will be some heavy rain as a consequence of the global
heating. But the rain also comes with a change of weather and a fresh start. In the collection, light
and darkness meet to create both contrast and balance. There is a combination of texture that
makes each garment come alive. Soft meets rough in lustrous surfaces.

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